Large Round Chandeliers

February 24, 2010 | 8 comments

The first time I can remember seeing what I'll refer to in this post as a large round chandelier was a few years ago at Ecco, a restaurant in Atlanta. I wasn't nearly as architecture- and design-infatuated at the time, but the chandeliers pictured above immediately stood out to me. They are my favorite part of the restaurant's decor, which, by the way, is all around amazing. The chandeliers at Ecco provide the bulk of the restaurants lighting at night, yielding a warm, soft glow and excellent atmosphere.

The entrance to Ecco has a multi-tiered version of the same chandelier used in the dining room. It's grand scale is well matched to the voluminous space.

Now, in my much more tuned-in-to-design state, the large round chandeliers are still drawing my eye's attention. I've started amassing a small collection of photos of them in various incarnations. Each is unique in it's own way, but they all share in the fact that they add a bit of contemporary flair to a space.

One style of the round chandeliers I've seen multiple times has a metal frame on top and bottom and is rimmed with glass. I'm not sure of the manufacturer, but would like to learn who makes them if anyone knows. I'm curious if they come in multiple sizes like some of the other large round chandeliers.

I discovered this picture of Hotel Selenza in Madrid via the Pillow Talk blog. The chandeliers steal the show here as they do in most of the interiors in which they are used.

The same chandelier was again paired with of-the-moment turquoise tones in this design by Steven Gambrel. The translucent glass of the chandelier is a nice visual complement to the wall of windows.

This picture of one of the rooms in the stunning showroom of Asli Tunica affords a better view of this type of chandelier. In its unlit state you can see the icicle-like glass that rims the light. I can only image what it must weigh with all that glass and metal.

As much as this chandelier is different from the others in this post, it is the same in that it punctuates the space (and is large and round of course).  This picture is of the basement landing in a home designer Melanie Turner won 2009 Southeast Designer of the Year for. The picture is a bit misleading in terms of scale, but I can tell you that the chandelier is quite large. I would guess three to four feet in diameter. I'm curious about the manufacturer of this light too if anyone knows.

Returning back to a style of chandelier similar to those at Ecco are these I found while perusing photographer Paul Ober's portfolio. I believe these chandeliers are painted white. And to great effect I must say.

Ochre, the hip British furniture and lighting company with a retail outpost in New York, has multiple large round chandeliers in its repertoire. The Arctic Pear light shown above in a photo of the New York showroom comes in various standard sizes and can be completely customized in every way.

While not quite as large as the other examples, I find the Fontana Arte chandelier on this porch from my Mediterranean Masterpiece post complementary in style and equally as intriguing. The light used on the porch is actually one of the smaller of the four sizes that it is available in.

This store has several of the Fontana Arte chandeliers, providing for a dramatic lighting display. I'd probably end up accidentally bumping into someone while I gazed upwards.

As was the case with me at Ecco, you won't soon forget a room with a large round chandelier. They stand out, and in a good way in my opinion.


Tina Steele Lindsey said...

Fontana Arte chandelier stands the test of time and always versatile, however all hold there on and command attention fabulously for each space shown. Lovely, enjoyed this post this morning.

Tina Steele Lindsey said...

Good heavens, I need my coffee. Please excuse, I meant to write 'they all hold their own.'

Francine Gardner said...

I so enjoyed reading this post...I have used the Ochre lights in a few of my projects as they work so well with our collections. The Steven Gambrel chandelier is stunning. Steven is one of my favorite designer and clients...such a great sense of space, proportion and taste. francine

Things That Inspire said...

I believe that Ochre is represented in Atlanta too - at Spaces. I have seen one of their chandeliers in person (similar to the one you show in this post), and it is stunning.

Unknown said...

Amazing round up! No pun intended...

Terry said...

I seem to have wagon wheel chandeliers stuck in my brain from Devin Design last night. I haven't been paying enough attention. Thanks for the post. Must look up more.

Balsamo Antiques and Interior Design said...

all look great

Staci Edwards said...

Love them all equally! Beautiful.

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