Ride-by: A Strategic Fence

January 10, 2010 | 6 comments
While out on a training ride this week, I found it quite interesting when I noticed a fence with bronze chess pieces mounted as fence finials. Chess is all about strategy - a real thinking person's game. Such a whimsical detail is a clear nod to the amount of thought that went into making this house a one-of-a-kind estate.

Five different chess pieces are used in repetition to adorn the fence posts. Notice the inscription on each piece; that is the name of the estate.

Those familiar with Atlanta real estate will recognize Descante as being one of Atlanta's most expensive estates to sell in recent history (if ever). Not long ago the home was featured on the This Photographer's Life blog. Click over to Blayne's blog to see her beautiful photography of the home and for a little more information behind the house's name.

Who wants to bet whether or not the owners were avid chess players?

This post is part of a series titled Ride-by Architecture that is dedicated to interesting architecture that I find while riding my bicycle throughout Atlanta. Visit the original post for more information on the series. You can also view all posts in the series by following this link.


Things That Inspire said...

Great post - and beautiful fence - details like that are so important to making a house exceptional (and details like that are often quite costly!). Blayne and I were just talking about Descante today, as she is very fond of the people who built it.

There is a house on the Cathedral Tour of Homes (coming up in a few weeks) called 'The Bishops House' because it was the home of a Bishop of the Episcopal church for 50 years. When the new owners (Michael Ladisic, the builder) purchased the house, architect Linda MacArthur suggested that they pay homage to the Bishop by incorporating ecclesiastical details in the house. Another interesting detail they put into the house were finials in the shape of chess bishops - a play on the word - in the back stairs. This post reminded me of this.

Terry said...

Thanks for something I'm sure I'd never have seen. I'm all for whimsy but I guess there is risk of being too cute. I'd like to see more risks.

Blayne Macauley said...

GUESS WHAT??? I have one of those!!! It was a gift from the previous owners, two of the most dear people I have ever met.

Blayne Macauley said...

Oh, and thank you for mentioning me :)

James said...

@Things That Inspire: Thank you for the back story on the Ladisic's home. I'm looking forward to seeing it next week on the home tour.

@This Photographer's Life: That's so cool you got one of the finials. I bet it would make a great paper weight on a desk and be a conversation piece.

A Perfect Gray said...

love the ride by idea. I am a cyclist myself. I have never been able to figure out how to carry a camera. . .

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