Eagerly Anticipating Bobby McAlpine's New Book

December 1, 2009 | 6 comments

A little over a year ago, while researching Atlanta architects, I became aware of Bobby McAlpine (not Atlanta-based) and his eponymous architecture firm: McAlpine Tankersley Architecture. I already had a growing admiration for Keith Summerour's classical architecture with clean lines and was happy to learn of another similarly oriented architect. Upon researching McAlpine, I was immediately taken by his architectural work and that of his interior design firm: McAlpine, Booth and Ferrier. Since then I've become thoroughly enamored with McAlpine's architecture, interior design projects and furniture, devouring all of the details I can find via magazines and his companies' websites.

I was particularly excited when I learned recently of an upcoming book by Bobby McAlpine that is being published by Rizzoli. The book, The Home Within Us: The Romantic Houses of McAlpine Tankersley Architecture, will be released on April 20, 2010. The book will chronicle various houses his architecture firm has designed and assorted projects completed by his interior design firm. Many of the projects are collaborations between the two sister firms and typically feature his furniture designs as well.

An interesting detail I picked up on in the press release for the new book was that McAlpine had already published a book and that the new book was to be the second. I was surprised by that as I didn't believe I had seen any other book by (or about) him and quickly did a search for the previous book.  The search didn't yield any results so I contacted McAlpine's architecture firm to find out where I could pickup a copy of the first book. As it turns out, the first book was produced by the firm specifically for their clients, not as a book you'd purchase at your local bookstore.

The folks at McAlpine's firm generously mailed me a copy of the original book, titled Finding Home. It's clear, from even the simplest things as the packaging that the book was sent in, that the firm exudes style and pays attention to every detail.

The first book elegantly highlights some of McAlpine's signature projects from the past 20 years by way of poem-like short stories. At only 4 inches wide and 6 inches tall, featuring only black and white photographs, the petite book has certainly whetted my appetite for what is to come in the full-sized, (presumably) color second book. I have already put my copy on pre-order with Amazon.

One last thing - no post about an architect would be complete without some pictures of their work. Here are a few select photos of McAlpine's work that I really like. I will follow up later with another post dedicated specifically to McAlpine's architecture and a more comprehensive set of photos.


Blayne Macauley said...

ohhhh... how fun! Since I work on a magazine, I am really into the way things are packaged and their size! It sounds like such a cool book. I love the fact that it is so small and with black and white pictures. Sounds very "classy." I had not heard of this architect until this post, and I am glad to know him. I think I will pre order the book as well, although I really wish I could get my hands on that little one!

Things That Inspire said...

I recently ordered a catalog from McKinnon and Harris (a very fine outdoor furniture company), and the catalog was packaged in the most exquisite box. The catalog was wrapped in parchment paper with a wax seal. The packaging had such an attention to detail - it made quite an impression.

Anyway, I digress. I always love to see the architecture of this firm; my all time favorite project is the one featured on the cover of Veranda. The house was built on a tricky, hilly lot, and it was designed specifically to take advantage of the beauty of the lot. The grade was turned into an advantage. My favorite part was the loggia which had a beautiful lantern in it, and the quatrefoil window in the master bedroom.

Great post!

James said...

@This Photographer's Life: I think you'll really like McAlpine's work. I know you like Summerour's work and they have similar styles. In fact, Summerour interned at McAlpine's firm years ago. I

@Things That Inspire: Thank you for introducing me to McKinnon & Harris. I had never heard of them and after looking through their website, I love their furniture.

Hill Country House Girl said...

Bobby McAlpine has been one of my favorites for years. Great post and thanks for the update on his book!

Lord Cowell said...

Love your blog already.

Sstan Benecki said...

Bobby McAlpine is a treasure and artist and his inheritable homes are the true deffinition of Green building ( a home that will be passed down for generations). Benecki Homes has worked with Bobby on over 10 houses and each experience is more pleasent then the last. Our latest speculative home at Argonne & East Pine Valley is no execption. This is the only new speculative home to be available or built in Buckhead in 2011 and it is a McAlpine Home.

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